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Sustainable tourism, which is the difference between travellers and tourists.

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Sustainable tourism is a practice that is gaining ground more and more. It means learning to respect the environment and local people, respecting local practises and traditions, not harming nature and making informed choices. That’s why there’s a big difference between travellers who follow a sustainable lifestyle and tourists who don’t take it into account.

Sustainable travellers always strive to minimise the environmental impact of their travel and to respect the culture of the places visited. They make decisions with an awareness of the consequences that their choice can have on the environment and the lives of local people. Tourists, on the contrary, focus on fun, without a critical consideration of their actions. They feel authorised to visit places without education, without respecting the environment or culture.

Seeing the world in a sustainable way can change the way you travel. But above all this lifestyle allows us to generate more stable economies, neighbourhood economies that enhance traditions and take care of territories.So if on the one hand merely practical, this means choosing not to use fossil fuels, adopting travel plans free of sad animals and prefering eco-sustainable transport solutions.

Sustainable travellers are those who respect local rules, support the local economy and want to turn their holidays into something rewarding in the long run.

On the other hand, Responsible Travellers should also strive to spend their money responsibly in all places they visit. This also applies to access to local food and art, as well as crafts and attractions.If travellers are committed to visiting sustainable destinations and in favour of responsible tourism, they can help support local economies in positive and indirect ways. This can stimulate economic development, create jobs, promote local culture and provide assistance in conserving and planning land resources.

At Booking Matera, we believe that despite mere profit, the most important thing for Sassi operators/inhabitants is to network with us to ensure that we attract as many travellers as possible, discouraging mass tourism. Sustainable travellers know that it is necessary to limit their activities in order to preserve the places they visit.

The goal is to create more positive travel experiences, to appreciate places and to respect the people, the environment and the culture of the place. In summary, travelling and going on vacation in a sustainable way not only allows us to explore new places, get to know different cultures and people, but above all brings awareness about the impact of our behaviours abroad.